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My GOG games aren't syncing

Make sure your profile has game visibility set to "All Visitors"

Visit your GOG settings privacy area and then make sure the setting "YOUR FULL GAME LIBRARY CAN BE SEEN BY" is set to "All Visitors"

No games are being synced

If you see a message saying you don't have any games that KTOMG can sync, check your GOG profile games list and see if there are any games you own listed there. If you are sure you own some games and they are not syncing correctly, email support.

Error: Does not exist

If you are running into this error, your username may be typed incorrectly. KTOMG should check that your profile exists whenever you change your username.

Error: Unable to reach your collection

If you are running into this error, we may be running into network issues or GOG may be down. If it keeps happening, email support.

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