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What are Powerups?

A Powerup adds functionality to Keep Track of My Games that enhances the base experience. Usually this is related to integrating with external services like Steam or GOG. See what powerups are currently available.

Powerup pricing

Powerups do not have "fixed pricing." Instead, once you activate Powerups, you will start to get Membership Checkpoints periodically that summarize your usage and allow you to maintain your Patron membership of the site.

Welcome period

When you first activate Powerups, you enter the Welcome period which is a 30-day risk-free trial. It's a zero obligation way to try out Powerups and import all your games into KTOMG.

Verified contact method

Powerups require a verified contact method (e.g. email) to get ahold of you to send billing or usage notifications and to aid in recovering your account.

Opt-in activation

Powerups are only enabled once you've manually opted-in and activated them explicitly; they are never automatically turned on without your approval. Once a Powerup is activated, it may have automated features (such as background importing) that can be turned on or off individually.

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