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What is my Fair Use Price?

Your Fair Use Price is a suggested, personalized price KTOMG has calculated based on your usage and payment history.

Your Fair Use Price will change over time depending on your usage patterns and other factors; sometimes it will be less, sometimes more. 

You can pay an amount equal to, above or below this suggested price to maintain your Patron benefits during your Membership Checkpoint. If you pay $0, you will not renew your Patron membership for the next period.

What factors influence my Fair Use Price?

Your Fair Use Price is calculated at the end of a reporting period. The following factors will influence its calculation:

Why is it called the "Fair Use" price?

The price is based on what I believe is fair for the features you used in KTOMG during the period. 

For example, if you imported 1,000 games, the app saved you (a lot) of time from having to manually enter that game data by hand into your own DIY spreadsheet or even adding games manually through the website. That time has a price that I documented for each feature.

High usage means a higher fair use price but it goes the other way too. If you don't use KTOMG much (or at all) during a period, you're not expected to pay much (if anything).

The other reason it's uses the term "fair" is because it also seeks to incorporate your feedback into the price calculation. Anytime you indicate you believe the asking price is unfair, you're given an opportunity to provide some context and feedback. I can see this feedback and future price calculations may take that into account.

This is still highly experimental and is subject to change over time but my intent is to provide a more equitable and personalized payment model for my members compared to "traditional" fixed-price tiers.

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