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What is a Patron membership?

Patron is a membership level for your account. You can become a Patron member by paying any amount during your monthly Membership Checkpoint.

Patronage from its members is the way KTOMG can maintain continued development of new features, maintenance, community management.

What benefits are there to becoming a Patron?

Patronizing the site provides the following direct benefits to you:
  • Unlimited usage of Powerups
  • Private Discord channels to provide feedback or talk to the developer
  • Behind-the-scenes weekly developer updates
Indirect benefits from being member-supported:
  • Removes the need to show privacy-invasive ads on the site
  • Removes the need to seek outside funding
  • Supports the founder directly
  • Supports continued development and investment into the site to enable better features like price charts, deals tracking, and more

Are there different tiers of Patronage?

Not yet. Any paying member is considered a Patron but that is subject to change in the future.

Is becoming a Patron the same as using Patreon?

No, the term "patron" used in the context of KTOMG means patronage, in the classic sense. You are sponsoring me and holding me to a promise of continuing to deliver value to you through new features, fixing bugs, or investment in the site.

KTOMG does not use Patreon but it's payment model is similar. Instead of fixed pricing tiers or an automatic monthly payment, you can pay-what-you-think-is-fair relative to your Patron Price that adjusts over time to reflect how you value KTOMG. Your feedback provided each usage period is integrated into the payment flow so you have direct influence over the direction of the site and your future pricing.

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