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What is the Powerups "Welcome period"?

The first time you activate Powerups, you can use any of them for as much as you want during the first 30 days. This is referred to as your "Welcome period" or "Unlimited usage period." It's a risk-free, no commitment way to let you use all the features you want and get the experience of using KTOMG.

At the end of that 30 day period you will be asked to provide feedback and you will have the option to Pay-What-You-Think-Is-Fair to become a Patron member. If you choose not to pay, you can continue using Powerups but you will be prompted with a Patron Price to pay when the next usage period ends.

Note: This is the only time where you can pay anything to become a Patron with no payment thresholds enforced.

Preventing unexpected usage

As a courtesy, when your welcome period ends, your Powerups are paused while you work through your first Membership Checkpoint. At that time, you can choose to continue using Powerups or they will be turned off for you automatically so you don't keep generating usage.

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