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How does membership work in KTOMG?

Keep Track of My Games uses a recurring Pay-What-You-Think-Is-Fair (PWYTF) pricing model that is supported by "patron members".

It is an evolved version of Pay-What-You-Want (PWYW) that layers in a customized "fair use" price and a structured, ongoing feedback and renewal cycle.

Usage-based pricing

When you use KTOMG, especially Powerups, your usage is being recorded during a usage period (30 days). This could be activity like importing games from Steam, being notified of new games, or other site activities. 

Periodic checkpoints

At the end of a usage period, you will be asked to complete a Membership CheckpointThis Membership Checkpoint is a time for you to provide feedback on your experience of using KTOMG. It summarizes all the application usage during that period and asks if you're willing to pay for that usage based on a Fair Use Price to become a Patron member.

How does the pay-what-you-think-is-fair part work?

See What is my Fair Use Price? for details on what the price and payment structure looks like.

What if I don't respond?

A response is due within 2 weeks of the checkpoint. If you don't respond, a non-payment event will be recorded for that checkpoint and you will lose your Patron membership status. You still will continue to be able to use Powerups and features of the site.

You can refer to What happens if I don't pay for my usage? for details.

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