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Where does my feedback go?

You have the opportunity to provide direct feedbacking during your Membership Checkpoint. This feedback lives alongside your payment record (if you chose to pay). 

Each piece of feedback is reviewed in the context it was given and can even influence your future Patron Price calculations.

Price Feedback

If you indicate during the checkpoint you do not agree with the suggested Patron Price amount, you are given an opportunity to provide context for why that is.

This feedback will be taken into account for future Patron Price calculations. The nature of this depends heavily on your individual situation and will be a 1:1 communication between you and the founder directly.

Satisfaction Feedback

Each checkpoint you will be asked to rate how well KTOMG met your expectations.

A score from 1 to 5

This score is tracked over time and will be aggregated to help me understand any overall trends in the experience for people. I will also be able to see your individual trend (and I hope to see it always going up!).

Low Satisfaction Feedback

If you score a 3 or below, you'll be asked to provide context, such as a bug or issue you ran into, or a specific feature that didn't work like you expected.

This will be treated separately and may lead to a ticket being created to diagnose a problem or further communication.

General Feedback

You can optionally provide general feedback about your experience using KTOMG, to leave me a personal note, or share anything else that may be on your mind. I will read it and see this feedback when you submit your response.

Feedback and Knowledge Base