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What happens if I pay below the Fair Use Price?

If you pay an amount below the suggested Fair Use Price, you have the opportunity to provide price feedback. This feedback may be taken into account the next time a Fair Use Price is calculated for you, with the hope it'll eventually reach a price point you feel is fair enough to pay equal to or above the price.

Paying $0 will not renew Patron benefits

You may choose not to pay in which case you will not renew your Patron benefits. Powerups will continue to work but may be limited in functionality (depends on the Powerup). Your feedback will still be collected and recorded to complete the membership checkpoint. You can choose to pay again at your next checkpoint if you want the benefits back.

Refer to What happens if I don't pay for Powerups? for details on what may happen if you pay well-below the Fair Use Price over a longer period of time.

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