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What goes into the GOG time saved calculation?

During your usage period and membership checkpoint, you may see an "estimated time saved" for imported GOG games. This comes from a time study I did where I compared the time to perform data entry for games being tracked in a spreadsheet and for adding games to KTOMG manually when referencing The value of 1 minute of time is currently based on the median wage in the US, or $17 per hour ($0.283 repeating per minute).

If you're curious, I've published the latest time study recording on the YouTube channel. My goal is to try and be fair and represent the median value KTOMG is providing; in other words, I use shortcuts like copy/pasting, I use a high-speed connection to do the test, and I know the search terms in advance. This should represent "ideal" conditions which means the base price is valued lower.

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