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Xbox Powerup Overview

The Xbox Live Powerup allows you to import games from your Xbox Live account into KTOMG.

Linking your Xbox account

You can login to Xbox Live to link your account and KTOMG will use this link to automatically sync your data.

Requesting an Import

  • Patrons can can request an import manually anytime.
  • Non-patrons can only request an import once a month.

Only Played Titles Will Be Imported

Unfortunately, Xbox Live only exposes games you've played, not all games you may own. To get a game into the system, make sure you've launched it at least once.

Automatic Importing

Only Patrons can enable automatic importing which will watch your Xbox Live account in the background and bring in any games without you taking any action.

Note: Automatic importing will generate usage if games are imported, which will be summarized in your monthly usage report and can be monitored in your Powerups dashboard.

Automatic Labeling of Imported Games

Games imported from Xbox Live will be labeled with a #from-xbox tag. This tag can be removed but will be added automatically the next time the background check runs.

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