My Steam games aren't syncing

There could be multiple reasons you aren't seeing your Steam games show up on your profile.

Check the status of your sync

First, you should check and see what the status of your sync is. You can do so by navigating to:

You can also reach this page by going to your profile settings, Integrations tab, and clicking Status under the Steam heading.

This page will display the sync status of every game we found on your profile or will display an error message if we ran into one while syncing.

Ensure your Steam profile is public

In order to read your Steam library, your profile must be set to Public. This is not something we can work around and is enforced by Steam.

Follow this Steam support guide on how to set your Steam profile to be public.

There will be a clear error on the status page if this is the case. If your profile is public and the error still says there are zero games, please submit a ticket as there might be something wrong with the Steam API.

Why are games Under Review?

A game will be marked Under Review if the system couldn't automatically associate it with one of our existing games in our database. In this case, we have to manually review the game to ensure it's a real game (and not software or videos, both of which can show up under a Steam profile) and associate it or add it as a brand new game. This process depends on how many games there are in the queue and could take awhile.

Why are games Unsupported?

A game is marked Unsupported when we determine that one of the following is true:

1. It isn't a game (software/utility/video)
2. It's a beta or demo game
3. It's an expansion/DLC and GiantBomb doesn't have a dedicated "game" page for it to associate with
4. The game doesn't appear to exist on Steam anymore or on GiantBomb

If you believe a game has been marked Unsupported in error, please submit a ticket and we'll sort it out.

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