How can we improve KTOMG?

Just a ''few'' sugestions

-A Dashboard.

-Upcoming schedule.

-Graphic with favorite genres

-Recently finished games.

-Friends activity.

(All of this up here would be good to be in the dashboard)

-Social things > (friends etc...) i think that would be good, to ''share'' your gaming life with someone that you know and use the site).

-Calendar for gaming releases.

-Themes > (all light, all dark, light and dark or dark and light, it would be good if it there was a '' pallet '' of colors).

-Achievements > (not the user achievements because not everyone have Steam or PS, just the information and achievement entrys on Steam, PS or XBOX, to resume, a KTOMG own achievement imported from PS, Seam and/or XBOX.

-Advanced search (You could improve this one, the normal one OR create a new site page (i think is called this?) that have a lot of search tools and improved filters, like select year, category, genre, status, release date.

-Maybe add more statuses?

-Favorite games.

-A ringbell with notifications or last notifications, for our list (plan to play) , games that have released or friends etc.

-More information at games description, i know that we could search on other places, but i very use this site too to search games, and i also find games while searching for other games.

-Game progress


-All time stats

-Year in review



-Inclunding DLC's

-Rating system (i know you planned to make one, i was just looking up to the rating notes, like, i think that note 0-10 is better than 0-5, but you decides).

I think is this...

But to finish i want to talk something with you, well, i was looking up for ARK: Survival, and i found two entrys of the same game, no, it's not a DLC or a second game or anything, it's a ''corrupted'' entry. I had found it strange that there were two entrys of the same game, so I went to see the GiantBomb page, one of the 404 error, another works, the first link is broken, does not work, does not exist, but still appears here in KTOMG, solve this bug, would be reporting on GiantBomb, right? (Stupid question problably, but I'm just making sure, because, if it does not exist, why is it showind up here?)

I will send you the links in order:






Well, it's only this, thanks for everything you doing, databases really makes my life better

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